Decoding the risks, challenges with solar panel installation - and their solutions
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Published Date : 26-07-2022

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Decoding the risks, challenges with solar panel installation - and their solutions

According to the reports published by the Australian Energy Council, 2021 experienced the highest demand for rooftop solar installations. Around 2.86 million solar panels were installed. The council expects the demand for solar panels to continue to grow in the coming years.

Given the current situation, Australia is battling an energy crisis. The Australian energy minister, Chris Bowen has asked the people not to use electricity for two hours every evening if ‘they have a choice.’ Parts of Australia — South Australia, New South Wales (NSW), Victoria and Queensland — have all been suffering power outages, with Victoria and NSW facing the greatest pressure. At this point, homeowners and businesses need to start thinking about using sustainable energy.  

solar panels installation risk and challenges 

Solar panel installation is an excellent way for homes and businesses to generate electricity without hampering environmental sustainability. But, a poorly handled installation is all it takes to turn your solar panel installation into an expensive nightmare. Frequent repairs and services not only make you question the reliability of the solar power industry but also question the reliability of the installation team. As a homeowner looking for the best solar panel installers, you should be familiar with solar installation problems.

In this blog, Solaris Tech will focus on the issues with solar panel installation and its solutions. We will also look at some precautionary measures to be taken during solar panel installation. Let us dig in to find out the five most common problems with solar panels, their solutions and safety steps to be taken during solar installation.

solar panels installation challenges and solutions

Challenge 1 - Roof Assessments

Incorrect roof assessment is a major problem with solar panels. Older roofs cannot hold the weight of the solar panels as they are not designed to support heavy loads. Moreover, mounting solar panels requires several penetrations, which hurts the structural integrity of the roof. These challenges need to be identified well in advance of installation.

To overcome this challenge, there are primary areas that you must focus on before solar panel installation.

Consider the age of your roof

Solar panels last around 25 years or more. The lifespan of a healthy roof ranges from 15 to 30 years. So, installing a solar panel on a roof around 10-12 years old does not make sense. This is because the roof might not be strong enough to handle the weight of the solar panel—considering repairing the roof before installation to avoid any financial loss.

Get your roof measured

Before installing the solar panels, get your roof measured adequately. Start from the roof space. Continue measuring the width and length of the top and calculate the roof area. An efficient solar panel requires around 200 to 400sq.ft. area for a roof.

solar panels had wiring issues so do regular monitoring

Challenge 2 - Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring prevents your solar panels from performing well. Loose connections, corrosion and oxidation may also interfere with energy production. Unless you are a qualified technician, do not tamper with the wiring of the solar panels. Wiring issues have a direct impact on the power output of the solar panels. This can happen because of a faulty inverter or charger. As the photovoltaic (PV) modules are connected in series, one failing PV module will shut down the entire solar panel system.

To overcome the wiring issues during solar panel installation, focus on the following pointers mentioned below.

Talk to your installation expert

If there is any issue regarding the faulty wire, consult your installation expert immediately. Installers with electrical experience use meters to pinpoint problems. Conduct an annual inspection to monitor the health of the solar panels and monitor the energy production of the solar panels. You can also visit Solaris Tech to hire a solar installer to have everything checked properly with utmost safety and security.  

Conduct regular monitoring

Loose wiring connections can happen anytime after a storm or rain. Invest some time in regularly monitoring the solar panels. Ensure there are no rats under your panel as they might cut the wire, frequently disturbing the efficient functioning of the solar panels. Wires should surround mounted solar panels to avoid any interaction with birds, rats, squirrels and rodents. Click here to read our blog to learn more about solar panel maintenance.

hire a professional solar installer

Challenge 3 - Rushed, Inaccurate Installation

Solar panel installation should not be an urgent activity. It requires a well-trained, qualified and professional team proficient in identifying potential challenges and the overall installation process - rushed and inaccurate installation results in frequent modifications, repairs and services. Lack of research might result in loose connections, faulty wires and cracks in the solar panels.

As a homeowner, you must be very careful with every step before installing solar panels. Solar installation is an expensive process, and you do not want to make any unnecessary expenditure on frequent checks and repairs of the solar panels.

To resolve this challenge, follow the pointers mentioned below to understand the best practices when considering a solar installation.

Bundle and label the wires

The wires of the solar panels must run with specific processes in mind. Avoid sharp corners and minimize exposure to direct sunlight. Solar panels work efficiently in sunny cold temperatures, so if you reside in a hot or dry area - let your solar installer know about the weather conditions.

Wires should be bundled and labelled for easy identification and organization. Wires should be secured with quality, proper components and fasteners to avoid accidents or injuries.

Mount your panels in the northern direction

Any solar panel installation in Sydney should be oriented in the Northern direction. This is because Australia in the Southern Hemisphere experiences a sun mainly directed from the North. Therefore, solar panels facing the northern direction will get maximum time to produce energy using the solar panels.

Now that we have highlighted the major problems with solar panels and their solutions, it is time to think about the installation safety measures as well. The next section will discuss the safety measures to consider during the installation process.

safety precautions with solar panel installation

Solar panels & safety precautions

Safety is paramount at workstations. In most cases, people are unaware of the generic and specific safety measures to be taken during solar panel installation. We often tend to believe that actual safety measures are taken care of only during the installation process. But a large part of planning the work at the site involves working in the safest possible manner and being highly efficient and prepared for emergencies. Let us look at some of the safety measures homeowners and businesses should consider before installing solar panels.

Do not work in bad weather

When working with solar panels, you are dealing with electricity, and no matter how safe you are, there is a chance that you might get an electric shock. Do not work in snow or high wind because they increase the likelihood of slipping down or losing your balance. Not only this but the solar PV system might get damaged as well.

do not sit on solar panels

Do not sit on the solar panels

Do not sit or step or apply too much pressure on solar panels. This might break or damage the solar panels and cause bodily injury or electrical shock. Do not drop anything on the solar panel as it can damage the panels. Ensure the area underneath the panels is clean, clear and free from birds, squirrels and rodents.

never install solar panel near flammable gases

Never install solar panels near flammable gases

Do not install a solar PV system near flammable gasses as it could cause a fire or explosion. Ensure you are not wearing any metal items, including jewellery, when working with solar panels. Using an artificial or magnified light on the solar panels is not advisable. Do not install a PV system within 0.3 miles of an ocean or salty water. It can cause corrosion, and the vapours could interfere with photovoltaic equipment leading to electrical shock.

solar panel installation company in sydney

How to make going solar simple!

There are many reasons for choosing a solar panel installation, but the two prominent reasons are economic and financial savings. By going solar, you are helping yourself save financially and stepping forward towards an economical, sustainable environment.  

Yes, solar panel installation is expensive, but it is worth every penny when handled properly. According to the reports published by Solar Energy Research Data (SEIA), the solar energy market has experienced a 30% increase in solar installation compared to 2020. Download a handy infographic here to know the reasons behind the decrease in solar power costs.

We hope this blog could give you insights into the risks and challenges with solar panel installation and the safety measures to take during the process. There are myriads of reasons to choose renewable over non-renewable. Whatever your motivation for going solar, our solar experts at Solaris Tech will take good care of your needs. We are at your service if you are looking for expert guidance on solar panel installation, solar panel cleaners or maintenance. Email us at to learn more about solar panel installation and get expert advice about what works for your energy needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Installation Challenges

  1. What is the main challenge with solar power?
    Even though solar energy costs have declined in the past decade, solar panel installation is still an expensive process. The high price can be a barrier to entry for many homeowners who wish to go green. Efficiency is another area where solar panels need to pick up some slack.
  2. Which most common solar panel problems?
    Here are some of the most common problems with solar panels.

    • Delamination and internal corrosion

    • Electrical issues

    • Micro-cracks

    • Roof assessment issues

    • Snail trails

    • Birds nesting under the panels
  3. What challenges face solar panels?
    Here are some of the challenges faced by solar panels.

    • Electrical problems (6%)

    • Generator meter fault (2%)

    • Lower energy production (2%)

    • No electricity production (2%)

    • Isolator issues (1%)

    • Cracked or broken solar panels (1%)
  4. What are some problems that need to be overcome with solar panels?
    Here are some problems that need to be addressed with solar panels.

    • Efficiency

    • Damage to the roof

    • Birds nesting under the solar panels

    • Budget
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