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The following meanings apply in this agreement. Clean Energy Regulator refers to Solar Power System as per http://ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/

Your Declarations

By signing this agreement, you declare that you are at least 18 years of age and you are the registered proprietor of the property at the installation address or all registered owners authorise you to enter into this agreement. Consequently, Solaristech is entitled to rely on this declaration without making any further enquiries. By signing this agreement, you are stating that you have never received or been approved for any rebate, financial assistance, Solar Credit or STCs for small generation systems at the installation address; and that you have read and agree to and acknowledge the provisions herein.


The advertised price is only valid for the tin roof (flat roof not included) & a single storey house. Extra charges will be applicable for tile/flat roofing or multi-storey properties.


Installation shall not commence unless Solaristech receives 10% of the amount. EFT payment receipt must be provided to Solaristech at least two clear business days before the installation date. For whatever reason, failure to pay the due balance in full will incur an admin fee plus interest on the balance, accruing until full payment is received.

Installation Address

Installation Address is the premises where the system is to be installed.

STCs – Small Scale Technology Certificates

STC means Small Scale Technology Certificates. Balance Due means the amount in herein means the contents of this contract, including both pages. This quote is based on Solaristech Pty Ltd trading as Solaristech obtaining the grant of the STCs as described in Clause 4. Should you not be eligible or be unable to obtain all or part of the STCs or unable or will not transfer these STCs to Solaristech, then the full value of the STCs becomes due and payable to Solaristech in addition to the total cost. You agree to assign to Solaristech the value of the STCs specified as part payment for the system described herein. The STCs must be assigned directly to Solaristech or as directed by Solaristech. If you retain the STCs, you agree to pay Solaristech the full cost of the system including the STCs trading costs, before installation. If you are in breach of an STCs regulation, you agree to indemnify Solaristech from all liabilities and costs whatsoever. You acknowledge that the prices of STCs are subject to market movements and REC guidelines and installation could be delayed or cancelled and the deposit paid by you will be refunded if the prices of the STCs drop significantly. You acknowledge that Solaristech is not liable or responsible for the STCs incentives or any bonus scheme or feed-in tariff incentive administered by any authority.


Legal ownership and title to the installed system shall remain with Solaristech and not pass to you until such time as all monies owed to Solaristech are paid in full.

Possession, Repossession and Costs

The goods remain the property of Solaristech until the purchase price is paid in full. Until you pay the full purchase price, you will be the custodian of the goods. The following points must also be adhered to:

  • You must keep the goods safe in your possession and in good condition.
  • You must keep the goods in a location appropriate to the nature of the goods.
  • The goods should be clearly and easily identifiable as the Solaristech property.
  • If you change the location of the goods, Solaristech must be informed immediately.
  • You must under no condition, sell, assign, change, pledge, lien the goods.
  • If you sell any of the goods while they remain the property of Solaristech, the proceeds from the sale are owed to Solaristech and must be paid to Solaristech immediately.
  • If you do not pay Solaristech the purchase price of the goods by the due date, Solaristech may require you to deliver the goods back to them. In this case, you are liable to bear the cost of delivering the goods back.
  • Solaristech will give 48 hours’ notice to you for the return of the goods. If you do not return the goods within 48 hours, you must allow Solaristech to enter your premises to take possession of the goods.

Delivery & Installation

Solaristech will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your system is installed on the agreed date. Subject to the provisions herein, you may indicate your preference for the location of the Solar Panels and inverter. However, you must do so as soon as possible before the commencement of any work. You are not entitled to cancel your order without the consent of Solaristech or seek a refund, loss, damages or compensation for any delays in the delivery or installation caused by peaks in demand, shipment or shortage of panels or material supplied by overseas manufacturers, change in regulations or weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the customers to obtain all the necessary permits and permissions to have solar installed on the property – this includes but not limited to council building approvals and permits, strata title permission and landlord permission.


Solaristech will provide you with all relevant product and installation warranties for your system. Without exception, when a balance remains unpaid to Solaristech, all warranty callouts for maintenance, service and repairs will remain suspended until the balance is received in full by Solaristech. Furthermore, when a balance remains unpaid for 120 days, all warranties and obligations by Solaristech are terminated and any callout for maintenance, service or repairs will be chargeable to you. This provision does not negate the right for Solaristech to claim the balance from you in a court or tribunal. No warranties are applicable to freebies or promo products.


We only provide after-sales installation support to customers who have purchased a Solar Energy System from Solaristech Pty Ltd. If Solaristech incurs any extra costs due to incorrect information of any kind provided by the customer, the customer will be liable to pay those additional costs.


Solaristech does not give any guarantees regarding daily energy production by the Solar Energy System. Solar Production Output varies depending on the weather, direction of roof, shades and other factors. Solaristech does not give any guarantees regarding daily energy production by the Solar Energy System. Solar Production Output varies depending on the weather, direction of roof, shades and other factors.


Solaristech will not be held liable for any damage to the Solar Energy System caused by fire, flood, storms or other accidents.


You agree to indemnify Solaristech against all costs, loss or claim arising from or in connection with your breach or non-performance of this agreement or for the recovery of any balance owed by you to Solaristech.


You authorise Solaristech or its appointees full and unrestricted access to the installation address during reasonable hours to install the system, site inspections, documentation, delivery, grid connections and agree to assist Solaristech in carrying any of these or related tasks.


You must be present throughout the installation and commissioning of your system. Upon completion, you agree to declare, sign and assign the STCs and any other relevant documentation to Solaristech. Should you fail to be present during the entire installation process, you agree to indemnify Solaristech from all claims for damages and costs.

Risk & Liabilities

Upon completion of the installation, all risks and liabilities in the system and related products and structures shall pass to you even if ownership or title does not pass as a consequence of your liabilities or unpaid monies to Solaristech. You agree to take full responsibility for the system and adequately insure it for damage or loss. Notwithstanding, the cost of all liabilities to Solaristech howsoever arising shall not exceed the total cost of the system with installation.

Independent Accredited Installer

To ensure your system meets industry best practice and all relevant Australian Standards, we contract a Clean Energy Council accredited independent licensed electrician (“Installer”) to install your system. This quote includes the cost of contracting such an accredited installer who is insured to install your system. We agree to provide you with details of your installer before the commencement of any work. Solaristech installers can’t be held responsible for any loss or damage you suffer due to any inadequacies or lapses of insurance policies or any other reason whatsoever. You agree that an accredited installer is responsible for any damage or loss caused to your property due to the installer’s actions, omissions, workmanship or negligence. You agree that all such claims for damage or loss to your property must be directed at the installer and any legal proceedings commenced must include the installer. Provided no outstanding monies are owed by you to Solaristech and with no admission of liability, Solaristech at its own discretion and in good faith may assist you to rectify any damage caused by the installer to the system.

Building Defects

You warrant that the building or location at the installation address is safe, free from defects, including asbestos-free and fit for installing the system. You acknowledge that Solaristech is not responsible for any damage to the system or your building caused as a consequence of a defect or deficiency in your building or part thereof. Solaristech is not liable for diminished or inadequate performance or installation if your building contains brittle roof tiles, oxidised metal roof or meter boxes or poor roof supports. It is your responsibility to fix all such defects before Solaristech arranges for the installation of the system.

Additional Charges

Extra charges may apply, where applicable, for any additional equipment or devices required to ensure the safety of the installer. You will be advised of such costs before the installation and you will be required to pay Solaristech these additional costs upon completion.


You acknowledge that Solaristech is entitled to terminate this agreement if you do not comply with your obligations or we experience unreasonable delays from your end in carrying out our obligations or if the value of the AUD or our costs for supplies changes significantly or we are unable to supply you with products as ordered. In this case, our liability to you is limited to the deposit amount you paid and we agree to refund this amount to you without any deductions on termination.


Cancellation of an order will occur a $100 administrative fee within a five days cooling-off period. Cancellations of an order after the five days cooling-off period will incur the loss of your full deposit.

Force Majeure

Solaristech will not be liable for any delays caused by a Force Majeure event. At its discretion, Solaristech may terminate this agreement without penalty if it is unable to comply with its obligations pursuant to this agreement.

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