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Published Date : 17-01-2022

The Do’s & Don’ts of Solar Installation

The most critical phase of putting a Solar Energy System in place is Solar Installation. Before we get into solar installation, let us look at the basic mechanics of how a Solar Power System works. A solar inverter regulates the power generated by your solar system. It transforms the direct current (DC) supplied by the solar panel into alternating current (AC), which powers your house.

If you are interested in the step-by-step details, take a look at our previous blog on ‘How do solar panels work?

At the conceptual level, a Solar Panel Installation might seem simple and pretty straightforward, but not all homeowners are comfortable with the process initially. A few months ago, the Solaris Tech team wrote an inspiring story while researching the Solar Installation market in Australia. The story is about Parkes, a New South Wales town with a population of just 11,000. Parkes was put on the global map a few months ago.

An article in The Clean Energy Council had an interesting story about this small town recently. Parkes is one of Australia's first and most enthusiastic advocates for renewable energy. The town's adoption of renewable energy has made a significant difference in the lives of those who know Australia's changing environment.

The Parkes community initially recognized the need to do something new with its energy requirements during the Millennium drought which severely affected the people of this town. A local farmer Mary Smith expressed how it was the worst drought she had ever seen.

After the drought ended in 2009, Parkes locals realized that addressing climate change was no longer a choice but a duty. As a result, in 2011, the municipality started on a comprehensive strategy to employ renewable energy to reduce its carbon impact while also lowering its rising electricity prices.

The first step commissioned was the installation of Solar PV Panels. While some people were originally sceptical of the benefits of Solar Energy, most changed their minds following the council's thorough engagement process and when they saw the considerable advantages given by Solar Installation.

This display of community leadership inspired locals to study more about the financial and environmental benefits of Solar Energy, generating a strong desire among many local homeowners to invest in their own rooftop Solar Systems.

Locals who were interested in installing solar panels on roofs were offered the chance to do so through a bulk-buy plan, which reduced installation prices. Residents and businesses readily accepted the offer, resulting in the town being one of Australia's first and largest rooftop Solar users.

Once the 'green' fire was ignited with the Parkes Solar Farm, there was no going back.

The benefits of Solar Installations began to be recognized worldwide. The proof was right there in the town of Parkes. As of 2020, Parkes was generating twice as much electricity as it needed to serve its population with 100 per cent renewable energy. In this blog, we will look into the Solar Installers' skills and the dos & don'ts of Solar Energy - something Australian homeowners can utilize to their benefit.

Skills of a Solar Installer

With the growing popularity of Solar, one of the most in-demand jobs is that of a Solar Installation technician. Solar Panels can cover acres of land to generate clean, reliable, and renewable energy for hundreds of thousands of consumers every year - all of which require a skilled technician with the following skills.

Solar installation technician must be tech savvy


The Solar Business is ever-changing. Solar's cost-competitiveness with other types of electricity generation is due to technological advancements. To stay up with an industry that is always changing and updating tactics, a competent Solar Installation technician must be tech-savvy. Keeping up with solar-related news and studying the specification of new Solar Panels are all how Solar Installers can keep up to date.

solar installer must be virtually flawless

Attention to Detail

Solar Installations need a great deal of attention to detail because solar systems generally last for more than twenty-five years. Therefore, the Solar Installations must be virtually flawless to generate optimum returns. Factors that need attention to detail for longer lifespan production of the Solar Panel Systems are if the panels are perfectly positioned and tilted.

solar installer must have a strong grasp of electrical schematics

Electrical Systems Understanding

A Solar Installation is like a power plant. The objective is to provide customers with clean, dependable, and long-term power. Solar Installation specialists must have a strong grasp of electrical schematics to transform these papers into real-world systems. Many Solar Installation technician training programs focus on this issue and allow students to perfect their abilities safely.

solar installer must be excellent communicator

Great Communication Skills

As discussed above, Solar initiatives are springing up all across the country. Solar Installation professionals must travel for work. Solar Installation experts must be excellent communicators to be the most successful installers. This includes balancing communication between supervisors, employees, vendors, site owners, and solar consumers.

solar installer must be ready for any concern

Problem Solving Skills

A Solar Installer must be ready for everything and be on the lookout for some unusual concerns, from complying with the most recent fire standards. This ensures that a solar power system faces exactly due south to optimize production. The finest Solar Installation professionals are also the best issue solvers. For example, they may be required to troubleshoot a solar array and determine why it is not operating properly. A rigorous approach is required to thoroughly examine the inner workings of each solar panel and its components. Then, the Solar Installation specialist locates the problem and chooses the best potential remedy for the Solar Array.

With such Solar Experts for your assistance, investing in Solar Energy for your home or building is a lot easier. Installing Solar Panels is the best option to increase the value of the building and to save you money. If you choose Solar Energy, here are some friendly dos and don'ts to remember before you jump into this technology.

do when installing solar panels

Do’s of Solar Installation

Now that you know what skills an installer needs, let's talk about a few essential considerations you should do before installing solar energy.

Check the capacity of your roof

You must consider the increased weight as well as whether or not the roof receives adequate sunlight. If any huge trees are obstructing the roof, you should consider removing them. The target is to get adequate sunshine between the hours of 12 and 2.

Obtaining an energy audit

You should also obtain an energy audit to see how much energy your house or building consumes regularly. It is pointless to install Solar Panels if they will not supply enough energy and you will require normal power to make up the difference.

Reduce energy production

Reduce energy production as much as possible before installing Solar Panels. This may be accomplished by updating appliances & switching to LED lights. This will help your energy audit & guarantee that you can supply adequate electricity to your home once you switch to solar energy.

dont do when installing solar panels

Don’ts of Solar Installation

Before converting to Solar Energy, there are a few things to be aware of and many pitfalls that people frequently fall into.

Easy, cheap shortcuts

Never, ever use shortcuts to save money when it comes to solar installation. For example, many people want Solar Panel Installation on their own, but this is not a smart idea. Cheaper materials are also less expensive for a reason and they will wind up costing you more money in the long run.

Jumping onto the first deal

Remember to conduct preliminary research with different Solar Installers and select the one that suits your budget and has the necessary skills. Also, get multiple installation quotations and basic information. Being unprepared and lacking information will only cost you more money.

Skipping Energy Evaluations

You will not receive an accurate figure if you do your energy evaluations during the low season. Therefore, ensure you analyze the energy use throughout the season when the most energy is consumed or if you prefer to adorn the house with many lights every year.

Solar Energy helps you save money

‘Installing’ a better future

Solar Panel Installation will ensure electricity even during low energy months. Solar Energy helps you save money by lowering energy costs and reducing the damage done to the environment. It is a popular option with many benefits, so long as you are prepared and do your thorough research. Following the above-stated do's and don'ts of Solar Installation and taking the right steps will ensure you get the most from your new Solar Power. We are here to help if you need any installation help.

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