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Published Date : 14-11-2022

Busted: Solar energy myths and misconceptions

According to a report published by The Australia Institute - Climate of the nation, solar power has become the most preferred energy source for businesses and homeowners. Around 75% of Australians selected solar power as their top three preferred sources of energy. The demand for renewable forms of energy is on the rise. Homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to maintain the sustainability of the environment.

Some homeowners might be hesitant to go solar when installing solar panels because they have heard or read something misleading on the internet. Renewable energy source is a popular way to power your home from a cleaner energy source and keep bills low. This month, Solaris Tech will focus on 6 common myths surrounding solar power use and some compelling facts on why solar energy continues to grow.

What are we waiting for? Let us get started.

Myth 1 - Solar panels do not work in cloudy weather

Solar panels work in cloudy weather - but not as effectively as on a typical sunny day. Solar panels on cloudy days generate 10-25% of the electricity of their standard power output, depending on how thick the cloud cover is.

solar panels do not work in cloudy weather

Now here is the juicy part. You could be wrong if you think hot climates help solar panels generate more electricity. Solar panels work efficiently in sunny-cold temperatures. Hot climates are not suitable for solar panels and even decrease the life of the solar cells as well. The solar output begins to fall if the temperature rises above 25°C. If searching for the best solar panels in Sydney, read our blog for tips on finding the best solar panel for your home.

Myth 2 - Solar energy can still power my home when the power goes out

Long story short, solar panels will not work during a blackout for technical and safety reasons. Since most solar power systems use monitoring and inverter devices, the grids adjust the efficiency of the solar panels accordingly. In case of a blackout, the inverter will no longer function.

Solar energy can still power my home when the power goes out

A blackout requires immediate maintenance for local electrical teams. However, your solar systems still feed excess power back into the system. As electricity runs on the power grid, it becomes unsafe for the electricians to work safely in the electrically failed areas. Therefore, they shut down the solar systems in these areas to ensure the safety of the workers.

Myth 3 - Solar energy is expensive and is not economically viable

There has been a decline in solar energy costs because of technological advancement and the rise in economies of scale. According to Our World in Data research, renewable energy costs have decreased to 80% since 2010. The decrease is witnessed because of the rapid and widespread adoption of renewable energy. Read our blog to know more about the reasons behind the decline in renewable energy costs.

Solar energy is expensive and is not economically viable

If we look at figures from 2009-2015, investments in solar energy have generally been on the rise as they are becoming more affordable. The average cost of solar panels has fallen by about 30%. Globally, it is cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy than it is from coal.

Myth 4 - Installing a solar panel is quite complicated and requires maintenance

The fact is that solar panels are easy to maintain. They need an annual inspection and regular cleaning to work efficiently. After solar panel installation, ensure that your panels can soak in the sunlight and are not covered with dirt, snow and other debris obstructing the sun's rays. The only time when there is a need for greater maintenance is during winter or heavy snowfall.

Want some existing tips and tricks on solar panel maintenance in a handy downloadable infographic? Click here to get it.

Solar panels will cause damage to the roof

Myth 5 - Solar panels will cause damage to the roof

Solar panels benefit the portion of the roof they cover by protecting and preserving it. The roof must be repaired before installing the solar panels if it is damaged. The panels can be easily removed since they are not directly attached to the roof; they are just mounted on top. Usually, if there are gaps between the rooftops and the panels, the sealant is used to fill in the gaps. Moreover, the mounts are protected using a metal flashing as an extra barrier for protection. Before installing solar panels, ensure the roof is damage-free before mounting a new rooftop.

Myth 6 - Why invest in solar energy if we can invest in clean coal?

Solar power is a cleaner form of energy than so-called ‘clean coal’. Coal is considered one of the dirtiest fossil fuels. Coal mining is responsible for several health problems due to the blasting of mountaintops and leaving a pond of black slurry in its path. Also, burning coal releases carbon emissions, thus, increasing the levels of mercury and smog and additionally increasing carbon pollution, leading to more damaging effects on the environment.

Installing a solar power system in your house gives you a clean form of energy, thus, leaving a healthy environment for future generations.

Go Greener Save Money Go Solar

Go Greener, Save Money. Go Solar!

Most misconceptions are based on recent studies and information. Sure, solar panels were expensive when they first came out, but there has been an alarming decrease in the price of solar panels. Moreover, solar panels have become more efficient and do not require much maintenance. An annual inspection of the solar panels is more than enough for the panels to work efficiently.

Solar panels are an excellent option for anyone looking to get clean energy in their surroundings without hampering natural resources. This is a solution to global warming. It is time now that we must burst these solar energy myths surrounding this clean energy and go for solar panel installation.

Hire a professional solar installer and start your green journey today. If you want information on finding the right solar panel for your home, installation and maintenance, contact Solaris Tech experts today!


  1. Why is solar energy the future?
    Solar energy creates pure, clean, renewable power from the sun, making it the most efficient and clean energy source. Moreover, solar energy is an alternative to fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. It also reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses worldwide.
  2. Why is solar energy important?
    No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere using solar panels to create electricity. Sun provides more energy than we will ever need and electricity from solar power is a very important source in the move to clean energy production.
  3. What are 3 interesting facts about solar energy?
    Here are the 3 interesting facts about solar energy.
    • The global value of solar energy is expected to reach $422 billion in 2022.

    • The cost of installing solar technology has dropped by 70% over the last decade.

    • Solar energy is a major contributor to maintaining the sustainability of the environment.

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