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Published Date : 09-09-2021

What Solar Inverters to choose and why?

When people look for a Solar Inverter for their residence, Solar Installers suggest the most appropriate products for them based on their energy needs and the location where they live. Australian homeowners often wonder what they should look for in a Solar Inverter when switching to renewable energy sources for their home energy consumption needs. In this blog, we will cover some of the features and considerations that Solar Installers take into account before suggesting a Solar Inverter for home use. If you are interested in choosing an inverter that benefits you by saving money and improving the value of your home, read on!

In the process of embracing green energy, installing Solar Inverters is very important after the installation of your Solar Panels. Solar Inverters help you interact with your Solar Panel Systems which is why choosing an appropriate inverter is worth the time and money invested into identifying the best one for your needs. Inverters are said to be power adapters which means they convert the DC power into AC power. This conversion moderates the voltage, creates an independent powerhouse for the appliances and helps in reducing the chances of application failure. Consumer goods like ACs, refrigerators and other appliances can get damaged from frequent changes in voltage. Inverters store the energy and further act as a channel for the flow of power only to the extent required by a particular appliance. The question is what constitutes a good inverter.

In the following sections, we will look at special considerations, warranties offered by the manufacturers, efficiency of the inverters, PVC evolution lab ratings and other such key factors to guide homeowners about the functions of Solar Inverters.

Max Efficiency

The Direct Current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panels passes through the inverter to convert it into Alternating Current (AC) which is consumed by the home appliances. During these conversions, the efficiency of the Solar Inverter plays an important role. The maximum efficiency of the inverter is measured as the highest point curve where the inverter is at optimal performance. The suggested inverters should be tested by independent authorities which provide a record of maximum efficiency in the database sheet. The efficiency of the inverter is based on the amount of power that is generated and passed through the channels.

Special Consideration

The best Solar Inverter must have the maximum efficiency in comparison with others.


The warranty of the inverter depends and varies depending on the products/brands. As a homeowner you may require an inverter with a minimum warranty period of at least 5 years to 10 years. There are a few manufacturers in the market who are willing to offer warranties that extend from 15 years to a period of 20 years at some additional increased costs. Homeowners can further apply for extension of warranty after the standard warranty. If an inverter is defective in materials or workmanship the manufacturers must attend to it within the applicable warranty period. We recommend that you purchase from a company which has a local presence so that they are available and can be contacted for further repairs if needed down the line.

Special Consideration

Having a local vendor helps in many ways because of the easy availability of their phone numbers, addresses and local presence.

PV Evolution Labs Top Performer

PV Evolution Lab is the leading independent lab of the Solar Industry. The product manufacturers have to pay to be a part of this testing. This testing process is voluntary and not general for everyone in the market. Under this program, manufacturers voluntarily apply to get their inverters checked for the performance ranking of the inverter. In the year 2019, the first and inaugural PVEL rankings were revealed which helps in identifying the top performers in the market.

Special Consideration

Homeowners should look for inverters that have gone through PV Evolution Lab ranking for better choices.

Key Features

Inverters are environmentally friendly which help in reducing the emission of carbon prints which helps in reducing greenhouse gases and most importantly help in fighting the current major issue our entire planet is facing - climate change. The inverter helps homeowners in cutting costs. Since it is a one time investment, it can last for almost a decade. Investments in inverters regularly benefit Australian households by presenting no electricity charges as well as no electricity cut-offs. Solar Inverters reduce the cost to the very minimum for at least a decade, becoming an investment-friendly option among the common man.

Special Consideration

Solar Inverters that reduce the carbon emissions the most will ensure green bills and a green environment.

Instead of blindly following the word on the ground, customers will benefit from understanding why they are being suggested the said brand and what makes the suggested Solar Inverter appropriate for them. An inverter is the main Solar Component you will install in the Solar Panel System. Solar Inverters help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission and prominent decreases in electricity costs. Further, you are most likely to replace the inverters regularly due to constant wear and tear. Installing Solar Panel Systems for your roofs is convenient, cost efficient and environmentally responsible. To get the best experience for your Solar Energy Systems, select the best Solar Inverters to ensure longer life and the most suitable inverter for your residence. Call us for a complete recommendation on which Solar Inverter is the best for you.

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