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Published Date : 12-04-2022

Tips and tricks on solar panel maintenance

The total life of a solar panel is more than 25 years. Solar panel maintenance is a significant investment that can provide renewable solar energy for the next 25 years or more. There is technically no expiry date on solar panels, but they require some maintenance to work efficiently. Solar panels offer homeowners a great way to contribute toward a safer and greener future by reducing their carbon footprint.

In the previous blogs, we have discussed the do's and don'ts of solar panel installation, trends in renewable energy in 2022 and the reasons behind the declining solar energy costs. After so much discussion, our clients get the following questions regarding solar panel maintenance.

  • How do we clean solar panels?
  • How do we maintain solar panels?
  • Do solar panels require regular cleaning?
  • Are we supposed to leave solar panels as they are?

Team Solaris Tech is ready with all the answers to the above questions. Continue reading this blog for more tips and tricks on solar panel maintenance.

do solar panel require maintenance

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels do not require extensive maintenance to function smoothly. Regular cleaning is more than enough for the panels to work efficiently. Ensure that the panels can soak in the sunlight and are not covered with dirt, leaves and other debris obstructing the sun's rays. The only time there is a need for higher maintenance is during winters or heavy snowfall. Let's look closely to learn about some practices that will ensure your solar panels last as long as possible.

Timely manual cleaning

Make sure that your solar panels are tilted. Tilted solar panels do not require much maintenance because rainfall clears out the accumulated debris on the solar panels. However, it is essential to clean solar panels manually during the dry season. Two to four cleaning checks per year is more than enough time for you to invest in solar panel maintenance. All you need is a leaf blower or a quick spray with a garden hose, and your solar panels will be clean.

solar panel cleaning and maintenance

You might also need to clean your panels after a heavy snowfall during winter. If you are cleaning the panels with water, make sure it is lukewarm. Also, remove excess snow before starting the cleaning process. Ensure that you are not using hot water to clean the solar panels. The panels are made of tempered glass, and the extreme temperature change between hot to cold can crack the surface. The cracked solar panel might not be productive due to the damage.

Tips for cleaning solar panels

Before you start cleaning your solar panels, here are some specific schedules to keep in mind.

Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by your solar panel expert regarding the maintenance of solar panels.

Annual inspection

Once a year, hire a professional expert to inspect the solar panels to ensure whether the solar panels are working correctly or not.


According to CNET, plan to have your solar panels cleaned about twice a year. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you might have to clean the panels only once a year. But, if you are living in a place where the solar panels do not get much rain or if they collect a lot of dirt and debris, you may want to plan for more frequent cleanings.

Additional Maintenance

Even after an annual inspection, if the solar panels are not working efficiently, you might need to book an appointment for a professional check. Contact our professional experts today if you are looking for reliable guidance on solar panel maintenance.

Use solar panel kits

Make use of solar panel kits

Solar panel kits come in handy for cleaning the panels. You will need biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a small brush. Mix the soap in the bucket and rub the glass gently without breaking it. Use plain water to remove the soap to ensure that your solar panel is in top condition.

Never use a sponge or bathing soap

Bathing soap is not recommended to clean the solar panels. There is a biodegradable soap that you can purchase before cleaning the solar panels. Do not use a sponge to clean the solar panels as this might scratch the panels' glass.

Red flags in solar panel maintenance

Although solar panels do not require much maintenance, here are some red flags that might signal a need for solar panel maintenance. The best indicator is a reduction in the energy output. If the solar panels are not producing enough energy as they usually do (resulting in higher electricity bills) it is a good sign that you should schedule an appointment for a solar panel check.

Solar panel maintenance cost

Regular solar panel maintenance will help ensure that the solar panel works correctly and creates maximum efficiency. Though solar panels require very little maintenance, they should be kept up-to-date and cleaned once or twice a year.

Maintaining solar panels ranges from $150 – $330 when done annually. This estimate is based on a 5kW solar system with 16 solar panels. The cost will still depend on the type and number of solar panels a user has, their condition, and placement.

solar panel maintenance cost in australia

Research suggests that a 2kW system with 10 solar panels will cost around $150 to $300. Higher kW and the number of solar panels will be more expensive and cost between $4199 to $6199. If you are looking to implement a solar system with a 6.6 kW 1 phase system, it will cost you $3999. However, some companies charge cleaning per panel, which costs around $3 to $10 each.

We recommend that people who own solar panels inside their homes or companies should opt for bi-annual cleaning. If your panels are easy to reach, cleaning them may be possible. However, if your solar panels are placed on a very high or steep roof, it is best to contact a professional, so you don't risk your safety.

Are solar panels hard to maintain?

No, not at all. Solar panels are easy to maintain. With timely cleaning and maintenance, solar panels can help you access the use of renewable energy in the long run. Some additional cleaning tips include cleaning and drying the edges of the solar panels. Make sure that the solar panels are not wet from the edges. Dry them properly. Do not forget to check the operational status of the solar panel after cleaning. If the energy output is still not improved, you can seek professional help.

Team SolarisTech is here to provide you with a free consultation on cleaning your solar panels. Contact us to know more about solar panel maintenance.

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