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Published Date : 08-09-2021

What are the Solar power benefits you are missing out on?

Solar Panels are revolutionising the concept of energy to help manage the electricity consumption at your residence. Due to the benefits of channeling Solar Energy to provide electricity at your homes, Solar Panels fall under “green” energy sources. The solar report published by the Australian Energy Council in January 2021 revealed the following information about the state of Solar PV in Australia.

“Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s rooftop PV market has been remarkably resilient with an additional 2.6 gigawatts (GW) and 333,978 installations added to the grid during the year – both the capacity and installations were around 18 per cent higher than 2019.”

What are the Solar power benefits you are missing out on

These statistics come as good news for homeowners, the environment and Solar Installation providers but still, not everyone has embraced this sustainable energy alternative. In our interactions with customers over time, the first question that bugs most people as homeowners is this - Is this another pseudo-green technology that will be more trouble than it is worth?

In response, we usually talk about the real benefits of Solar Energy. Solar Energy is heat and light from the sun that has been harnessed using technology to convert it into power. Many household owners have had conversations with us, talking about how they arranged a “Clean Drive” in their locality and how they use jute bags while shopping. To all those environmentalists, we applaud your work and respect what you did, but the adoption of Solar Energy in our daily life will help clean up the environment and the air we breathe on a much larger scale. In order to support this argument, let us glance at the benefits of a Solar Panel over traditional electric power.

To be kind to our environment

Unlike conventional electricity, Solar Energy does not generate harmful emissions and therefore does not harm the environment. It is a process that uses the most abundant renewable natural resource - the sun. What could be better than taking a step towards a cleaner environment while saving money in the long run?

To increase your home equity value

In general, home improvements mean a cash loss. However, when you invest in Solar Solutions, the investment adds more value to the property, which increases the chances of getting higher rates of return from the future sale of your property. This is a great incentive for potential buyers to consider your property over others - giving you a competitive edge when it comes to home equity.

To save money in the long run

Having a Solar Panel installed in your home will create the opportunity to make other home improvements with this one addition in mind. Since you will save on energy bills, your cost savings will be enough money to cover the cost of making any home improvement you want. Isn’t it a win-win-win situation?

To welcome the green future

If you look with curiosity, there are signs everywhere. The acceleration of climate change makes it a necessity for us to take urgent steps towards preserving the environment for our future generations. It is clear that the future of energy is to see clean, renewable energy. With the current climate disruptions, Solar Panels are the future and it is advisable to welcome them.

To reap the benefits 24/7

You should note that the panels need daylight to generate electricity, not sunlight. Therefore, the panels will produce energy even on rainy, cloudy days. The energy they collect during the day when the sun rises is stored in batteries which means you could eventually power more electricity than you need.

To benefit from roof shadows  

Apart from the fact that the nearest star is powering electricity at your residence, Solar Panels act as ‘roof shadows’, which help to keep the temperature of the installed building cool while at the same time providing clean, efficient energy. The panels actually soak up the rays from the sun and repel the harmful rays from your roof.

Pretty interesting, right? Due to the benefits of channeling Solar Energy to provide electricity to your homes, Solar Panels also help you fight climate change. If you are ready to go green and get Solar Power for your home and property, you should ask your Solar Installer the following questions to know you are getting the most appropriate Solar Solution for your home.

  • Is the area, composition and weight of your roof appropriate for Solar Panels?
  • What are the estimated savings & rate of return expected from Solar Solutions?
  • What is the one-time investment required to opt for Solar-Powered Solutions?
  • Do the Solar Installers offer after-sales services and a warranty for the solution?
  • Are the Solar Solution providers adequately experienced in the Solar Power Industry?
Knowing the answers to these questions helps you as a homeowner choose the best Solar Solution provider and allows you to have faith in the technical suggestions offered by your installer.
A warm welcome to the “green” future!
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